26. lis 2010.


When you left me.
everything disappeared
my smile has become a frown
my eyes bloodshot from tears

What use to be
now is a memory
the things u said
rings in my ear

love has become my enemy
my best friend has become myself
pain has taken over
and happiness has disappeared 

What use to matter means nothing
what never mattered now does
feelings have gone away
and hate has taken its place

Heartbreak is normal
a full heart is a dream
fairy tales are for fonies
and reality is true

Now i've seen to much pain
and felt too many heartbreaks
i cant get all the pieces back
by now it doesn't even matter

Now i know you said goodbye
but how am i to forget all you said
what i said i meant
and i know deep down you did too

are you really saying you thought
please tell me you know you did
i know this state of mind will change
can it change soon

now you know i've cried my eyes out
and i dont sleep much
i barely eat 
and im suffering with every beat

so please, come back to me..


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